Hot Wheels Unleashed Is Going Places in New Skyscraper Map

That’s No Place for a Car!

In the first few looks at the upcoming Hot Wheels Unleashed, all the gameplay and footage have been contained to a single location. A non-descript garage is all we have seen, which makes sense. The way I see it, the game is what a child sees when they play with their tiny cars and seeing them come to life in a household environment makes it a perfect location. Scratch all that though. There are also going to be skyscrapers! I don’t understand it, but I’m here for it!

Hot Wheels Unleashed

The new skyscraper map shows the track running through a construction zone. Cars are zipping around materials like cinderblocks and through supports, even outside over the city. With the features like track creation, it kind of makes you wonder about how much customization the player will have within the map environment. What I mean is, will players be able to place non-track pieces like planks of wood, bundles of materials, steel beams, and shelving units? We have seen things like air vents being used in tracks in previous trailers, so will different locations offer different track pieces?

Let’s not forget about what made collecting Hot Wheels so fun. The different and wacky car designs. This new trailer shows off a bunch of different in all shapes and sizes. There are dinosaur and dragon cars, off-road-inspired cars, sleek racecars, and a hamburger car. Hot Wheels Unleashed will be coming out on September 30th for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.

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