Conan Exiles Celebrates Expansion Launch With Free Weekend

Free Weekend

Conan Exiles originally launched on Steam in 2018 from Funcom as an online survival multiplayer game where players were thrown into the depths of the world of Conan the Barbarian. With both mounted and non-mounted combat, players were tasked with surviving in a vast open world sandbox to build a home, craft, fight and dominate the lands, against enemies in single or multiplayer modes. Since 2018, Conan Exiles has had consistent updates and massive expansions, introducing more content to the game for loyal fans. Most recently, the developers released the expansion, Isle of Siptah on 27th May 2021. To celebrate the release of the expansion, Funcom have announced that Conan Exiles will be free to play this weekend. The offer ends in five days. In addition to the opportunity to play for free, Conan Exiles’ Standard Edition is currently on sale for USD$11.99 while the Isle of Siptah Edition which includes the original game and expansion is on sale for USD$26.98. If potential gamers were ever waiting for the opportunity to hop into Conan Exiles, it’s the perfect time!

conan exiles game art


The Isle of Siptah Expansion intends to add another layer of gameplay and fun to Conan Exiles. The Isle of Siptah Expansion introduces a new island for players to explore, massive new monsters to slay and a host of other features that are sure to appease long-standing fans of the game. The islands that is introduced to the game offers a lot of content for players including the Redwood forests, broad valleys with ancient ruins, a resettled colony and the foreboding Tower of Siptah at the island’s center. Players on the island are forced to fend for themselves against savage enemies in a land where resources are scarce and time is limited. Furthermore, the island includes new undergrounds dungeons with fierce enemies and loot.

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