Roccat Shows Off the New Kone Pro Series of Gaming Mice

Iconic Competitive PC Gaming Mouse Design Combined With the Latest Tech

We’ve talked about Roccat brand PC gear before in glowing terms. Now Turtle Beach Corporation’s award-winning Germany-based PC peripheral brand has done it again. The brand-new Kone Pro series of gaming mice, which come in wired and wireless editions, combine the brand’s ridiculously fast Titan Optical Switch technology with the signature feel of their legendary mouse design. That means it feels like an old classic but responds like a cutting-edge piece of technology–you know, because it is one. The first Kone mouse hit the scene back in 2007, so these little ergonomic darlings have 14 years of research and countless hours of experience behind them. Also, they look gorgeous. Don’t believe us? Watch these trailers highlighting the many features Kone Pro mice offer.

René Korte, Roccat Founder and General Manager for PC peripherals at Turtle Beach, said that: “ROCCAT’s origin story begins with the first Kone, so when we set out to redesign our most iconic mouse, we were excited to bring our latest advancements together in a new offering that surpasses what’s come before. This was no easy task. However, I can say with confidence that the new Kone Pro series is our best yet.”

The Kone Pro and Kone Pro Air weigh in 66 grams and 75 grams respectively, making them some of the lightest gaming mice on the market. They both come with ROCCAT®s Owl-Eye 19K dpi optical sensor, which allows for precision translation from movement to gameplay. The PhantomFlex® cable that comes with the Kone Pro grants a feeling of unrestricted motion, while the Kone Pro Air is wireless with dual connectivity possible through Bluetooth and wireless transmitter. Even better, the Kone Pro Air’s Rapid Charge feature provides you with five hours of gameplay after 10 minutes of charging. On a full charge, it can deliver over 100 hours of continuous gameplay. If you need a new gaming mouse in your life, why not try one of these marvels?

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