Resident Evil Village Demo Extended to One Week Availability

The Demo Will Be as Long as Lady D Is Tall

Resident Evil Village is hot right now. There are many reasons for that. The series is one of the most popular horror franchises, it is the follow-up to one of the boldest entries, and because of Lady Dimitrescu, of course. To that end, everyone wants to play the demos. The problem is that they have only been active for a few hours. For a lot of fans, they work a long day and then come home, hoping to play the demo, only to find that they missed their chance. That is, until now.

Resident Evil Village Lady Dimitrescu screenshot

The Castle Demo was playable for a few hours over the weekend, but after feedback from the fans, Capcom has decided that the next demo will be available for a whole week. Does this mean you will be able to play the demo for the entire week? Well, no. Just like the last demo, this one will still have a timer on it. You can spend a total of 60 minutes in the demo, just over the course of one week. May 1st isn’t a good gaming night for you, you  can play it any of the six following days. Or, if you are a lunatic, you can play the demo for 8 minutes every day that week.

Whatever your intervals of gaming, the final Resident Evil Village demo will be available in North America from May 1st to May 9th on all supporting platforms. Resident Evil Village will be coming out on May 7th for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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