Resident Evil Showcase Dated For Next Week

Horror Comes Home

This year marks Resident Evil’s 25th anniversary, making it the longest continuously running survival horror franchise there is. We’ve already written about the new movie, the Netflix show, the possible remakes and remasters, and lots and lots about the upcoming Resident Evil: Village, and it looks like next week we’ll finally get some more information about the franchise’s biggest year yet.

The Resident Evil Showcase is scheduled for Thursday, April 15th, at 3PM PST. No news yet about exactly what’s dropping, but you can expect, at the very least, the release of the Resident Evil: Village demo, if it hasn’t been released by then, plus a bevy of new information about the game and the online multiplayer game, Resident Evil Re:Verse.

It’s also possible that we’ll see some information on either the movie or the series – after all, we’ve already seen one trailer for Infinite Darkness, and the Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City is due to drop in September – a trailer isn’t out of the realms of possibility by a long shot, or at least some publicity shots. If we are getting something, my gut is leaning towards a trailer – Capcom know that there’s a lot of hype for the movie, and there are few places better to reveal it than in an event dedicated to the series’ future.

Also don’t discount some big reveals that have been rumored already, but haven’t seen any official news, such as a remaster of the original trilogy, a remake of Resident Evil 4, and a new Resident Evil: Revelations game.

Resident Evil Village Photo Mode

Ultimately, we won’t know exactly what to expect until the event, and all we can do is speculate – but with all eyes on Capcom, they’ll be looking to make the event a real scream for all involved.

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