The Last Of Us Reportedly Being Re-Made For Some Reason

Bloomberg Report Paints Grim Picture of Sony’s Future

Depending on how you feel about blockbuster games, this is either great news or terrible. A Bloomberg report indicates that Naughty Dog is making a PS5 remake of The Last of Us. It seems like we’re getting this instead of Days Gone 2?

Naughty Dog

It’s like this: PlayStation has turned into a blockbuster machine, producing AAA hits with some regularity. This has come at the cost of smaller studios. The whole arm that produced Gravity Rush and Everybody’s Golf is just gone now. There was an entire studio that was originally supposed to be making this TLOU remake, but they’ve been since gutted. Now it’s Naughty Dog’s project. Whereas Microsoft is trying to become the Netflix of games (and doing a great job!), PlayStation Studios is going the pure blockbuster route. And it’s kind of working for them?

At least from a financial perspective. The few games they’ve released have been absolute bangers. But Days Gone was a huge AAA effort in its own right. This feels less like focusing their efforts and more like… cannibalism. If you’ve still got any free articles left, the complete Bloomberg report is linked below. It’s a Jason Schreier joint, so expect a lot of angry, anonymous employees. Hopefully PlayStation Studios doesn’t turn into like, TLOU incorporated.