Spacebase Startopia Shows Off Video Strategy Guides Post-Launch

Create the Galaxy’s Greatest Getaway With a Little Help

The wait is over. Kalypso Media and Realmforge Studios have announced that Spacebase Startopia has touched down on its final destination of PC and consoles–well, most consoles, Nintendo Switch owners will have to hang on until later in the year–and you can all get to work building your very own sci-fi alien paradise right now. If that’s a bit intimidating, then the devs have you covered. They just finished uploading the first four episodes of a series of video strategy guides designed to make getting the hang of things quick, easy, and most of all, fun. The first episode is dedicated to a quick overview of the base’s three unique decks and what you can expect from day-to-day space station life. It’s a solid introduction to the game.

Episode 2 is dedicated to the ins and outs of the Fuzzys, cute little maintenance bots that act as your most effective tools. They gather trash, build things as requested, and generally clean up after you. They aren’t exactly perpetual motion machines, but as long as they have enough charging stations, they’ll manage their energy budgets independently. That means you can spend less time micromanaging them and more time making sure your base is as awesome as possible. Episode 3, meanwhile, looks into the Communication Center and Recycling Station, which take care of marketing the base and managing the garbage (and eliminating any bombs planted by terrorists). Take care of your alien employees or they’ll quit, and then where will you be?

Finally, Episode 4 tackles sleeping arrangements, snacks, and medical care. Add stasis chambers, hydrocleans, and chocolate replicators to take care of your guests in their berths. Don’t mind space, just add as much stuff to the berth as you want. The Fuzzys will take care of the rest. The medical station should include a diagnostic unit, which can only be operated by specialist employees, so hire a few Grey aliens to man them. These little guys already love looking at peoples’ insides, after all.

That’s everything the devs have posted about so far, but don’t worry–more guides will be added soon. Spacebase Startopia’s future is looking bright. Spacebase Startopia is currently available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, and PC on both the Kalypso Store and Steam.

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