Loop Hero Launch Trailer Challenges You to Break the Cycle of Despair

This World Can Still Be Saved as Long as You Don’t Give Up

Loop Hero, Four Quarters’ melancholy, gorgeous, and surprisingly hectic SRPG/roguelite/city-builder/card game, is now available on Steam. This game uses the roguelike style of gameplay to great effect by making the struggle against its unforgiving mechanics the heart of its nuanced and emotional storyline. The world has ended, but you’re still here, still fighting to restore everything that was lost. But with each shard of reality rescued from the void, the fight becomes harder. So few of those you meet in this post-apocalyptic fantasy wasteland can be reasoned with. Even fewer are friendly. The game’s sorrowful launch trailer captures this somber tone perfectly.

In Loop Hero, players will unlock and place magical cards in order to turn a simple circular track into a dangerous dungeon bursting with life. This war against entropy will culminate when the level is completed and you’re faced with a boss battle. These battles range from tense to absolutely nightmarish, which isn’t helped at all by the stirring dialogue or deeply effective retro music. The graphics and sound design are a blast from the past, while the setting, mechanics, and story all bring something new and beautiful to the table. That said, this game is still a roguelite, so don’t get too comfortable in this ruined world. You’re always in more danger than you think. The evade and health regen stats are your friends.

In our opinion, this infinite adventure is more than worth checking out, especially if you’re a fan of that procedurally-generated, trial-and-error, RNG-heavy roguelike feel. The press release announces that “No hero’s expedition is ever the same as those that have gone before. Only the boldest and most resourceful can overcome the unholy guardians over a grand saga to save the world.” and it’s absolutely right. Loop Hero will test your cunning, your determination, and–most of all–your luck. If that sounds like a good time, this title is 15% off until March 11th, so click on over to Steam now.

Loop Hero map

Loop Hero is now available on PC for $14.87 CDN.

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