Ashwalkers’ Release Date Trailer is Eerie and Atmospheric

Every Choice Has Consequences; Where Will Yours Take You?

A lot of games tackle the premise of post-apocalyptic living, but we’ll be the first to admit that relatively few of them tackle the premise with any degree of realism. On one hand, we totally get it–why worry about dwindling supplies and environmental damage when you can show anime characters fighting godlike alien monsters?–but on the other hand, it seems like a shame. The end of the world can be a bleak and miserable thing, true, but some people really like that, especially if you’re throwing survival mechanics into the mix. So as you can probably guess, we’re pretty excited about Ashwalkers: A Survival Journey, and the excitement mounts with each new reveal.

This apocalyptic survival game will task you with leading a small party of survivors on a trek into a devastated landscape. Your goal: to find a safe haven for your people. You’ll have to make hard decisions, manage supplies, and get to know your traveling companions if you want to have a chance at finding safety. The devs have announced that they’re big fans of Choose Your Own Adventure stories, so they’re drawing heavily on that in the quest to create a vivid, evolving world. We can’t wait to see what Nameless XIII has come up with.

Game features will include:

  • Face complex moral dilemmas and make meaningful decisions
  • Discover a new path each time you play depending on your choice
  • Four distinct characters, thirty-four different endings.
  • Find food, manage equipment, and ration medication to keep the group from succumbing to madness and despair
  • Travel and learn about this hostile world destroyed by a volcanic apocalypse
  • Seek out and harvest vital resources in the wild
  • Overcome obstacles, violent encounters, and the deadly climate on your journey

Ashwalkers: A Survival Journey will be available for PC on April 15th, 2021.

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