Amazon Luna Just Lost Its Vice President

Amazon Luna’s Marc Whitten Has Left the Building

Only five months after the reveal of Amazon Luna, vice president Marc Whitten has left the company for a new position at Unity Create. An eagle-eyed Twitter user known as Matthew Ball discovered on LinkedIn that the vice president had already left the company for Unity Create despite how fresh Amazon Luna is. While Amazon Luna is still in the early testing stages, Google Stadia will bring cloud gaming to your living room today.

According to Twitter user Matthew Ball, Marc Whitten left the Amazon Luna crew during February. Marc Whitten was previously the Chief Procurement Officer at Sonos and Xbox. With his experience with Sonos, Xbox, and recently Amazon Luna, it looks like Marc Whitten has tons to offer Unity Create. While Whitten was only vice president of Amazon Luna for a matter of months, nobody seems to be scorned by the departure.

“It is so much fun seeing the amount of energy, passion, and creator/user love here. Some great insights on the current state of gaming as we observe it,” said Marc Whitten himself in a recent Twitter post. Amazon Luna may be going through some turbulence right now having lost its vice president, but we hope that the cloud gaming service ends up releasing in a better state than Google Stadia. Whitten’s experience in the industry dates way back to 1997 which is surely an asset to any team he joins whether he sticks around for a while or not.

Are you worried for Amazon Luna after the departure of Marc Whitten or are you confident in the cloud gaming service? Let us know in the comments below!