Valheim’s Concurrent Player Count Hit 500K This Week

Incredible Performance From A Tiny Early Access Game

Valheim, the co-op Viking survival sim developed by Iron Gate, is kicking major ass on Steam right now. First they sold something like three million copies in a couple of weeks, and now their concurrent player count is at 500,000. There’s only four other games that have ever achieved this! Somehow, Valheim is on the same massive playing field as PUBG and CS:GO. Remarkable stuff, really.


Steam released a new set of peak player count numbers this week, and Valheim is making a giant splash. Currently the Early Access title is sitting at number three, just below Counter Strike and Dota 2. Pretty damn impressive for a game being developed by what, five people? This isn’t just a flash in the pan either, after skimming through the user reviews.

Iron Gate’s smash hit has amassed over 75 thousand reviews on Steam, with most of them being pretty glowing. Seems like there’s a multitude of complex mechanics to mess about with, skills to acquire, bases to build, and monsters to slay. On top of that, everything is divided into 1-10 player co-operative worlds, so no one’s going to sneak in and trash your house while you’re logged off. In other words, I’m almost certainly buying a copy this week for myself. Valheim is available right now in Steam Early Access.