Sony Is Planning to Upgrade the PS5 Storage Capacity

So Much Space!

There is good news for all twelve of you out there that got their hands on a PS5. It appears that there are plans to allow owners to increase the PS5 storage. When the PS5 launched, it made a splash as such an impressive piece of machinery, but players saw a bit of a memory issue. The native SSD holds 667 GB of memory, but as games take advantage of the new and improved hardware, they are getting bigger. Many AAA games are pushing 40 or 50 GB each. This has led to a bit of a problem if you are the type of gamer that wants to jump from game to game without having to spend all your time downloading and re-downloading.

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In the last generation of consoles, players would often have a secondary storage unit for their PS4 or Xbox One and load some games onto that. Unfortunately, PS5 games are not able to be moved from space to space. Apparently, Sony is working on a firmware update that allows additional drives to be enabled to achieve a faster cooling-fan. The update will also allow owners to plug in additional storage drives by removing the faceplate of the console.

Hopefully, this means that players will be able to store PS5 games on external hard drives. I mean, more space is great, but what good is it if you an only fill it with PS4 games? There is no word yet on when this aforementioned update will go live.

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