PS5 Games Cannot Be Moved From the Console’s SSD

Play or Delete

As influencers, reviewers, and all sorts of people begin getting their next gen consoles, us commoners are getting small details and specifications from them. While the PS5 and Xbox Series X both bring about a new level of quality and power, there are still some things about both of them that  seem to be left off the fans’ wishlist and things that might surprise them. One such specific is concerning the PS5 SSD. Something strange and a sort of minor is that PS5 games cannot be transferred or moved from the console’s native drive.

PS5 Games

Why should fans care? Well, the PS5 SSD is big, but it’s not infinite, and games are only getting bigger and taking up more space. So, with PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X, games from these consoles can be stored on a USB drive or external drive. In some cases, you can play them off these external storage units. With PS5 games however, there are currently no third party drives that Sony has approved to house them. To be clear, its not that the PS5 is incapable of transferring data, because PS4 games can be moved to external drives, but the PS5 games are not to be moved; they can only be deleted at the moment.

The guys at Digital Foundry did some poking around on their new PS5 and loaded it up with PS5 games and PS4 games. When in the storage settings, there are items you can delete and items you can move. The PS4 games showed up on both lists while the PS5 games only showed up on the former. Maybe this isn’t a big deal for people, but when you’re re-downloading that 100GB+ PS5 game after deleting it, you’ll be wondering about those hours of gameplay that could have been.

This is something that Sony should have sorted out beforehand? Let us know in the comments below.