PlayStation Exclusive Series MLB The Show Coming to Xbox

Would’ve Preferred Spider-Man or Uncharted…

Over the weekend, there had been rumors popping up that longtime PlayStation exclusive MLB The Show would have an Xbox release. Today, on a PlayStation Blog, that rumor was confirmed to be true. The series has been developed for the last 15 years by Sony’s first-party San Diego Studio, but they will now extending their game to Xbox One and Xbox Series X. Is Sony trying to score points with Mircosoft for maybe getting extra Bethesda games on PlayStation? I don’t know, but MLB The Show 21 will have a new home this year.

MLB The Show 21

Xbox owners have been without a good baseball sim since 2K discontinued the Major League Baseball 2K series back in 2013. Not only that, but the game will be launching with crossplay functionality, so PlayStation and Xbox gamers will be able to play together online. PlayStation revealed the pre-order bonus for the standard edition of the game as well. Any pre-order will come with 5,000 Stubs, but getting it on PS5 or Xbox Series X will also come with 10 The Show Packs. There will be Collector’s Edition, but that reveal will take place on February 3rd.

Time for some bad news though. If you are still gaming on Xbox One or PS4, like your ol’ pal Zane, and you buy a standard edition of MLB The Show 21 for one of those consoles, you will not, I repeat WILL NOT, be getting a free next-gen upgrade. Boo! However, Sony says that fans interested in a cross-generation experience should wait for information about that Collector’s Edition. If you are set on which version of the standard edition you want, MLB The Show 21 is available now for pre-order. MLB The Show will be coming out on April 20th for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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