Check Out New Pokémon Snap Photo Editor and Sharing Details

Just a Touch-Up

Photo mode is a pretty common thing in games nowadays. In a photography-based game, there really needs to be something special about their photo mode to make it stand out. That being said, the New Pokémon Snap game will of course have a photo editing mode (still waiting on that selfie feature though!), however it does not really appear to be anything special. There are basic editing tools that affect lighting, depth of field, blur, and you can add captions, stickers, and filters. The new photo sharing element is a new touch though.

New Pokemon Snap

Players online can share their photos in a social media way. If you see a picture you like online, you can give it a Sweet! Sticker, which is essentially a Like. The more Sweet! Stickers a photo gets, the more popular it becomes and the more attention it gets. Another online feature is the leaderboard. If you remember the original Pokémon Snap, you may remember that pictures had scores, which seemed pretty arbitrary. That scoring system is returning and will contribute to your Pokémon Photodex score, which presumably is the total of your highest scores for each Pokémon.

You can check out the first trailer for New Pokémon Snap and other information on the game here. New Pokémon Snap will be out on April 30th exclusively on Nintendo Switch and can be pre-ordered now.

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