Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen Has Officially Begun

Destiny 2: Season 13 Has Officially Started

Bungie officially brought update 3.1.0 to Destiny 2, bringing with it Season 13: Season of the Chosen. Like any other Destiny 2 season, Season of the Chosen brings with it tons of new content for fans of Bungie’s space MMO to enjoy. The update released yesterday and Guardians area already exploring the new Battlegrounds game mode. Destiny 2 is available right now for Xbox One, PS4, PS5, Google Stadia, PC, and through the extensive Xbox Game Pass Ultimate lineup.

Destiny Bungie

While a recent Destiny 2 update brought the FPS to next-gen consoles, Season of the Chosen will be bringing new content to those consoles in addition to the other platforms Destiny 2 is available on. Season 13 brings some reprised Destiny 1 strikes and the new Battlegrounds game mode that will keep players coming back. Guardians will also apparently engage in ritual combat against Caiatls’s chosen warriors in order to complete all of the new content added with Season of the Chosen.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light brought Guardians Stasis. Season of the Chosen is bringing Guardians new Aspects for their Stasis subclasses. Bungie already has a calendar of content rollouts for the new season so Guardians should check out the full Season schedule. There are plenty of new things to do with Season of the Chosen and there are new weapons and cosmetics for Guardians to grind towards. There’s a new Exotic recurve bow called Ticcuu’s Divination has been added to Destiny 2 and it can track several targets at once.

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