Maneater DLC Will Give Fans Something to Chew On

Get Excited, Shark Fans

Maneater is a weird game, which might be part of the appeal. The game sees a shark hunt down and kill the cast and crew of a reality show in the vein of Deadliest Catch, that sees fishermen exclusively hunt down and kill sharks. Narrated by Archer and Rick and Morty’s Chris Parnell, the bulk of the action focuses on the titular maneater as she causes carnage in her quest for revenge.

Making her more dangerous to her foes is the fact that the shark – part of a species that hasn’t evolved in millions of years – can somehow do so at will, whether it’s developing sonar, gaining bony protrusions, or shoot poison darts. All of these abilities serve to make the maneater one of the deadliest sharks in history – Jaws may have been bad, but at least none of the sharks in those movies had the ability to turn into freaking lightning.

The game’s given fans a lot of fishy action to sink their teeth into but it looks like there’s more on the way, as during a recent Reddit AMA the game’s Art Director, Sean McBride, has confirmed that DLC is incoming.

“DLC has been confirmed! The team has been working on it for a while now. Hoping to share more information very soon.”

McBride was coy on the details so we don’t know what we can expect. New evolutions and enemies would be a good place to start, though, as well as reward players for exploration – the shadow set in the base game, for example, relies on players discovering landmarks, whereas the bio-electric set is developed as you take down the bounty hunters hired to hunt you. Perhaps we’ll also get access to some new areas, like the open ocean? After all, you can develop into a megalodon over the course of the game, why not investigate all the seas deepest mysteries?

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