God of War: Fallen God Scores Release Date

More Guts, More Gore, Carnage Candy

God of War may have had a reboot with a heavier emphasis on story, but that doesn’t mean that it’s forgotten its roots; while the reboot focuses on Norse Mythology, Kratos originally made a name for himself by going up against the Greek Pantheon, but what was he doing in between the two series? That’s what God of War: Fallen God is going to explore.

Set in the aftermath of God of War 3 – the last in the original series (chronologically) the new comic miniseries will follow Kratos’s adventures between the two games, explaining how Kratos got from Greece to Norway.

God of War: Fallen God was originally slated for a 2020 release, and fell victim to the many, many delays and issues caused by the COVID-19 epidemic. The comics will be published by Dark Horse, best known for series’ like Hellboy, Sin City, and The Umbrella Academy, and penned by iZombie creator Chris Robertson, with art by Tony Parker and Dave Raposa.

We don’t know as of yet how long the series’ will run for, only that it’s been described as a miniseries, so don’t expect either a Batman-esque run or even a longer, complete series like Locke and Key or The Sandman. What we can expect is plenty of the action and violence that has made Kratos such an enduring figure in video gaming. We may also see him cross paths with other pantheons on his journey – after all, Greece is a long way from Norway, and Italy is on the way – Roman mythology may be a tad too close to Greek for the games, but in a Comic Book all bets are off. It’s also likely we’ll see more detail about Kratos’s relationship with Laufey, his second wife and mother of the reboot’s Atreus. We’ll get answers when the first issue drops on March 10.

God of War Raising Kratos

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