Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams Reboot Releasing for 30th Anniversary

Cute ’em Up

Long, long ago, in a time dubbed 1991, there was an arcade game called Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams. It was a side-scrolling shoot ’em up where the player controlled a young witch with her fairy companion. One blink of the eye later and it is 2021. Thirty years have passed and publisher Sega is celebrating Cotton’s 30th anniversary. In 2019, they announced that a port of Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams would be coming to PC, Nintendo Switch, and PS4 in the original 16:9 aspect ratio. This year, there will be a remake of the classic arcade game called Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams – Cotton Reboot!

Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams

There is a 30th anniversary website for the game, which is in Japanese, so forgive my vague description. There appear to be two components to this anniversary: one is a compact arcade machine and the other is the console remake game. The tiny arcade machine looks like the laptop version of a a cabinet. There is an arcade fightstick pad with a screen and speakers built into it, which obviously plays the first Cotton game. The remake is an updated version of the original with improved graphics, remastered music, and an overall glowup. It also has an option to play the arcade version if you want a trip back in time.

The remake will be debuting in Japan in February and we are hoping for a Western release at some point. We have already seen localized gameplay, but so far no release date for North America. Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams – Cotton Reboot! will be launching in Japan on February 15th for PC, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.

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