SEGA of America Will See a Layoff of 61 Employees

Sega of America Is Planning to Lay off 61 Employees

SEGA of America is set to lay off 61 employees on March 8, 2024. The layoff was revealed in a Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) notice filed in Orange County, California. The news, initially brought to attention by the Twitter/X account @WhatLayoff, sheds light on the challenging employment landscape in the gaming industry.

The notice, mandatory for companies with over 100 employees, provides a 60-day warning period for planned layoffs. The affected personnel are spread across two locations on SEGA of America’s Irvine campus. One office will lose 12 employees and another seeing a reduction of 49 staff members.


While the specifics of the layoffs remain undisclosed, such workforce adjustments are not uncommon in the gaming sector. Industry observers and employees alike will be closely watching for further developments and any official statements from SEGA. As for now, the reason behind the company’s layoffs remains unknown.

As January comes to an end, we have seen several large gaming companies facing work reductions just this year alone. Layoffs from companies like Unity, Microsoft, and Thunderful Group are just to name a few affected in the month of January 2024. Additionally, other related industries have seen a reduction of employees this year, one being Twitch.

As the affected individuals prepare for the upcoming changes, the wider gaming community reflects on the challenges faced by companies in navigating an ever-evolving landscape and the human impact on those contributing to the industry’s success.