Cancelled Goldeneye Remaster Resurfaces With a 2-Hour Gameplay Video

It’s a Bond Remaster, a James Bond Remaster

It’s been over a decade since Rare last worked on the GoldenEye 007 Remaster for Xbox Live Arcade. Back in 2007, the GoldenEye developer wanted to make a new and improved version of their N64 classic, but for their current platform, the Xbox 360. Unfortunately, due to some issues with the game’s copyright, the project had to be cancelled and was never released –despite development almost being finished.

While we’ve seen little tidbits of the game over last decade –including a 30-minute gameplay video which surfaced on a YouTube channel appropriately called Rare Thief back in 2016– we have never gotten the full extend of the game’s potential until now.

Yesterday, a GoldenEye YouTuber by the channel name of Graslu00 uploaded a two-hour longplay of the GoldenEye 007 Remaster for XBLA, and in 4K 60FPS no less.

The video plays through the entire game on 00 Agent and even includes 30-minutes of multiplayer footage. It is being played on an emulator allowing the game to achieve the higher resolution and frame-rate.

Graslu00 tweeted that the build he played is not related to the recent 4Chan leak and is instead a build from Partnernet.

In a follow-up tweet, Graslu00 implies that the game will be releasing for the public at some point, stating that “patience is key”. However, he does not seem to be personally involved in the release of this project.

“The release of this is not on me, I’m just able to record footage.”

Here is his complete thread of FAQs.


Is this related to the 4chan leak earlier last month?
-No, not at all. That file is a dead weight that cannot be cracked. We’ve known of people with these builds for years before now from parternet/pnet. It was just a matter of time.

How did you get hold of this?
-I can’t say. Patience is key.

Is this releasing soon/some day?
-The release of this is not on me, I’m just able to record footage.

Does this mean it’s being hoarded?
-No. Patience is key.

How do you feel about Nintendo cancelling this remake?
-Nintendo did not cancel this, they’re not the owners of the license. If you want GE back, ask the IP holders, not gaming companies.”