Balan Wonderworld Will Unveil a Free Demo Next Week

Fingers Crossed That We Finally Get to See Lance in Action

It’s almost time to venture into Wonderland–or rather, Wonderworld. Balan Wonderworld, the upcoming surreal platformer inspired by NiGHTS, presented with the aesthetic of musical theater, and made by the creators of Sonic the Hedgehog, will soon release a free demo. We can’t wait to actually play through some of these gorgeous levels and meet the inhabitants of twelve troubled peoples’ subconscious. The demo will include parts of three different chapters, including at least one boss fight, and will feature both single-player and local co-op modes. Pick your favorite player character or partner up with a friend. Either way, you’re in for one magical adventure! Just check out this opening video for proof. It’s like Willy Wonka meets anime as performed on Broadway.

The press release reports that: “The demo will be available to play from January 28th, allowing players to experience two hours of BALAN WONDERWORLD gameplay ahead of its March 26th release date. The demo can be enjoyed with friends and family in local co-op mode or in single player mode and will be available on each platform that the full game will be released on.”

What does this mean? Simple: if you have a Switch, Xbox Series S|X, PS4, PS5, or access to Steam, you can download the demo for free and have fun romping around three of the game’s twelve worlds. This means two hours of gameplay, tons of power-granting costumes to experiment with, and the chance to find combos and paths that are only available in multiplayer. It’s gonna be great! Players can explore Act 1, Act 2, and even the boss battle of World 1, and then give the first acts of World 4 and World 6 a shot. Personally, we’re just hoping that Lance, the presumed main villain, finally makes his grand entrance. We’ve been waiting on him for ages. Let the bad guy take center stage for once!

Balan Wonderworld will make its way to current and next-gen consoles and PC in the Spring of 2021.

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