Pajabol is the New World Champion of GWENT

Our Champion Has Been Crowned

The second competitive season of Gwent, the card game made popular by CD Projekt Red’s blockbuster RPG The Witcher 3, has ended with a bang. Gwent World Masters was streamed live on Twitch and it saw eight of the best Gwent players out there–certainly the eight best players of Gwent Masters Season 2–go head to head for a share of the $88,720 prize pool. Polish player Aleksander Owczarek, AKA Pajabol, emerged victorious and earned the title of Gwent World Champion. Congratulations from all of us! You did good out there.


If you didn’t catch the action in the moment, you can catch up or just relive it on the official CD PROJEKT RED Twitch channel. This season of Gwent Masters may be over, but the game continues. Gwent Masters, the official esports series for Gwent: The Witcher Card Game, will return for its third season next year. The first Gwent Open event is set to take place in April 2021, assuming the pandemic doesn’t mess up everyone’s schedules again.

As a quick reminder, there are three tiers of official Gwent Masters events: qualifiers, Open, and the grand finale World Masters tournament which Pajabol won. Gwent Masters also allows all gamers to enter the world of Gwent pros through participation in licensed tournaments and the in-game Pro Rank mode. If you’re not sure how to play, don’t worry–you can find a complete game overview at

Like many card games, digital and physical, Gwent will also be seeing updates and expansions in the near future. The Way of the Witcher expansion will be coming on December 8th, bringing with it . We can’t wait to see it implemented into the game.

Gwent is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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