Fortnite Leak Reveals Some Bonkers New Weapons

Fortnite Doesn’t Do Subtlety

That’s part of the reason it’s done so well. The game helped to put battle royale games on the map, and if the new leak is to be believed it’s about to get crazier than ever.

For those of you who’ve been sleeping under a rock, there’s not much of a plot to speak of. There are three game modes but Fortnite is best known for its battle royale mode, which pits a hundred players against each other as they vie for supremacy, in a kill or be killed contest.

The two leaked weapons are the Gnome Gun – which uses the obvious (carrots) as projectiles (obviously I’m lying_ while the other, the Troll Launcher, shoots explosive trolls.

Both come with a significant caveat. The leaker theorizes that the Gnome Gun is for devs only, which just begs the question what purpose devs would need a Gnome Gun for. as for the Troll Launcher, the leaker theorizes that it’ll be removed, and won’t be added into the game.

The leaker has a track record for accuracy, and unlike a couple of rumors these are substantiated by footage – but it’s worth noting that footage is fakeable, and Fortnite does come with a creative mode, not unlike Minecraft. It’s also worth keeping in mind that despite it being a big, fun, and crazy game, the weapons featured so far in Fortnite haven’t been anything as crazy as a Troll Launcher.


So far, we haven’t received any confirmation or comment from Fortnite developer, Epic Games – whether that’s confirmation that you’ll be able to use garden ornaments or explosive monsters as ammunition or a denial – but don’t put it out of the realms of possibility – this is a game that’s crossed over with Halo and Aquaman in the past, so nothing’s outside the realm of possibility.

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