Check Out Your Nintendo Switch Year in Review

Find Out How Much You’ve Used Your Switch This Year

It’s always fun to take a look back at the year we’ve had and see just how things have gone for us… well, maybe let’s not do that this year. However, we can take a look back at games we’ve played this year and take a minute to remember all the incredible titles that came out and more importantly, the ones we spent the most time playing. Similarly to Spotify’s Year Wrapped, Nintendo is offering your very own personalized Year in Review. Here is what it’s all about.


nintendo switch yellow joy-con

Nintendo’s Year in Review offers a variety of statistics including the total number of hours you spent playing games on Nintendo Switch, the total number of games you played throughout the year, and the top 5 games you spend the most time playing. If you had a Switch in 2019, then you will also be able to see a comparison between the two years.

The Year in Review even breaks down your hours by month and will tell you what your busiest gaming day of the year was.

A few more Nintendo-specific statistics given to you are the number of Gold Nintendo points you earned throughout the year, the number of Mario titles you played, and the number of My Nintendo missions you completed.

As a fun little bonus, they even recommend you a few titles you haven’t played yet at the end. These recommendations are based on your game history and are catered to you. Who knows, maybe your most played game of next year is listed right here!

You can check out your Nintendo Year in Review here.