Turn Off Trophy Videos! – Save Your PS5 Storage Space

Waste of Space

Happy Launch Week everybody! Gamers all over the world are checking their emails for shipping confirmation of their PS5s (often to their disappointment), but a lot of people are starting to get their consoles. It may take a little while for everyone to get really familiar with all the ins and outs, settings, and options of their consoles, but there are some things that we can fill you in on right from the get-go. We know that storage will always be a problem, since games are only seeming to get bigger, so you may want to turn off the Trophy Videos.

spider-man miles morales Trophy Videos

The PS4 would automatically screenshot your game when you unlocked a trophy, but the PS5 kicks it up a notch with automatically capturing a short video. The Xbox One would do this sometimes if you did something the console deemed cool enough to record, but the PS5 does this every time you unlock a Trophy. If you are a Trophy guy, gal, or friend, you may find yourself capturing a lot of Trophy Videos. That can add up to a lot of storage space being taken up.

You might want to do yourself a flavor and turn that off. Just go to Settings > Captures and Broadcasts > Trophies, and you will find the option to toggle that on and off. If you want to keep that function active, more power to you, but those videos take up space and you are probably not interesting enough to rack up views on those videos. Just saying. You should also be aware that you cannot store PS5 games on external drives at this point, so storage space is little and precious.

Do you like this Trophy Videos feature or can you live without it? Let us know in the comments below.