Scarlet Nexus Drops New Gameplay Video

Shining the Spotlight on the Female Protagonist

Scarlet Nexus might not be as anticipated as, say, Final Fantasy XVI or Cyberpunk 2077, but the upcoming action-RPG has a lot to be excited for; an interesting story, a unique look, and some unique concepts. The basic premise of the upcoming game is that certain people have evolved a unique hormone that grants them psionic abilities – perfect to combat the mysterious Others threatening the life of the planet. As a member of the OSF – Other Suppression Force – your goal is to bring down the others and restore order.

The new video (from 5:37:30 to 5:47:33) showcases the female protagonist, Kasane Randall – one of the two playable protagonists who shares male protagonist Yuito’s psychokinesis as well as having mysterious visions of future events. The video shows off a lot of different aspects, beginning with the hub – where you hang out with your teammates and level up your bond with them, increasing the levels of the powers that you can borrow from them. It looks like they’re borrowing a little from Persona’s confidant system, albeit with a larger focus on active battle abilities rather than passive ones.

We also get some clues as to the art direction, with a near-futuristic vision based on 90’s Japan, designed to evoke nostalgia while still showing off how different the world is compared to the one we know.

We also get to see Kasane in action, utilizing both her psychokinesis and her throwing knives to great effect. The throwing knives are a perfect choice for someone with psychokinesis, letting her attack from a distance or create a sort of barrier if enemies come too close. We also get some hints as to the danger that the Others pose – namely, they have a taste for human brains. Will the same hormone that grants the OSF their abilities make them delicacies, or give them a bad case of food poisoning? Let us know down in the comments, on Twitter, or on Facebook.