Scarlet Nexus Gets a New Trailer

Keeping a Cool Head is Critical

Scarlet Nexus is a game that a lot of people have been sleeping on, but it has all the makings of something great. The anime-style action-RPG follows the members of the OSF, or Other Suppression Force – an elite class of warriors who have to fight… well, Others, deranged mutants who fell from the sky. Keeping a cool head and bottling up their feelings are critical to their role in the OSF, but each character also has a unique skill to help them, like protagonist Yuito’s psychokinesis or the fittingly named Gemma Garrison’s ability to make his body impenetrable to damage.

The game has a big focus on psychic abilities as a whole, with the playable characters – and, by extension, everyone in the OSF – having a unique hormone in their brain which helps them develop their psionic abilities, and the fact that everyone’s powers and abilities are unique means that, unlike some RPG’s, you’ll need to adapt your team to the challenges you face.

Alongside the new trailer developer Bandai Namco also announced a second playable character, Kasane Randall, who has mysterious visions of the future. Rather than switching control between the two characters in a single playthrough, you’ll choose one character for each playthrough, experiencing the story from different viewpoints. We don’t know at this point whether the game will take the Resident Evil 2 route of each character facing unique challenges or if the characters will play through more of the same events while experiencing different story events, but given that the game features some truly beautiful anime-style settings, from overgrown mansions to underground cities, I can’t imagine a lot of people having an issue with exploring it twice.

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