Resident Evil Reboot Photos Shows Off Raccoon City Police Department

Location, Location, Location

The original Resident Evil films took a lot of liberties with the games. While each film introduced new elements and enemies from the games, only the second of the films actually featured all that much in terms of familiar locations, putting Alice into the middle of Raccoon City during the initial outbreak – one of the most iconic events in the series, and one which required two games (and two remakes) to do it justice. The reboot seems to be much more faithful to the source material, right down to including fan-favorite villains William Birkin and Lisa Trevor.

We know that the film will incorporate elements of the first two games – perhaps compressing the timeframe so that the Raccoon City Outbreak and Mansion Incident occur at the same time, switching between them? Fans of the franchise will know that the majority of the second game is set in the Raccoon City Police department, and from the recent set pictures it looks like the exterior, at least, is a faithful recreation of the police department as represented in the franchise. The overturned semi will also be memorable, as the crash of an eighteen-wheeler occurs early in Resident Evil 2, separating heroes Claire and Leon. A recent Tweet shows an eighteen-wheeler in action so it looks like we’ll see this come into play. In fact, another set photo taken during an action scene clearly shows that the truck is on fire. If this is the same semi which initially separates Leon and Claire in the game, it’s likely we’ll instead see them explore RPD and survive its horrors together in the film.

We still haven’t seen any shots of interiors, which are likely to be shot on closed sets and soundstages, but if they’re as authentic as the gate is, it looks like we’re in for a great time when the film drops.

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