PlayStation Boss Teases Big News About Online Services

Can the Service Compete With Xbox Game Pass?

One thing that even PlayStation superfans will admit that the Xbox does better is online services. PlayStation Plus may let you download a handful of games for free every month, and the PlayStation Now may have a big (and growing) library of games to stream or download, but the Xbox Game Pass has a greater selection of games on offer, including big releases and recent titles.

Don’t rule the PlayStation out, though. One of the bonuses of the PlayStation 5 is the PlayStation Plus collection – ea collection of some of the games which helped to define the PS4 era, such as The Last of Us: Remastered or Until Dawn – all of which are available to download for free, and PlayStation boss Jim Ryan has teased some further developments to the service., promising “some quite interesting stuff that’ll get its own moment in the limelight.”

Given that the console have been out for less than a month at this point, it’s understandable that Sony are focusing more on the hardware and capabilities of their most advanced console yet, rather than their online services; after all, an online service isn’t as reliant on hardware, and as such as long as the console has the capability to run a service, they can always update the service later, whereas such innovations as the haptic feedback or adaptive triggers need to be ready from day one.

Perhaps they’ll be expanding the PlayStation Now service and and implementing it into PlayStation Plus, instead of asking players to pay two separate subscription fees? It’s too early to say, all we know at this point is that there’s some big news in the works, and with the friendly rivalry between the two consoles bigger than ever, it makes sense for Sony to improve in the one area its routinely fallen behind in.

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