Speak With the Dead in Apparition

Use a Spirit Board to Survive a Haunted Forest

Have you ever wanted to prove the existence of the paranormal? You know–grab a ouija board, a camera, and some candles before setting out into the night to find some ghosts? We at COG don’t recommend that in real life, at least not without proper supervision, but Apparition provides a great opportunity to do this in the safety of your own home. Created by MrCiastku, a one-man developer from Poland, this indie title is the perfect chaser to the spooky season. Wander into a haunted forest. Hunt the paranormal entities that dwell there. Find the evidence. Try not to get ripped limb-from-limb by angry ghosts. That last one will probably the hardest.

This first-person horror game will place you in the middle of the fictional haunted forest of Green Creek. Late at night. Alone. Players must use their Spirit Board to communicate with the ghosts, spirits, and demons that stalk between these trees. But be warned–you, a fragile human, do not have any defense against angry otherworldly forces, so if you piss them off, your only hope is to hide.

A screenshot from Apparition showing a hand moving over a Spirit Board.

This game’s features include:

  • Use a Spirit Board, an interactive communication device to summon and question the dead!
  • Explore a dark forest, full of mysteries and apparitions.
  • Gather evidence and prove the existence of the supernatural.
  • Collect items that will help you to reach your goal… and survive!

The more ghosts you record, the more gear will become available, opening up brand new customization options. However, this will also up the difficulty of your quest. Turns out the supernatural doesn’t like being recorded.

A screenshot from Apparition showing a shadowy figure standing in the distance. Rain obscures the details. The figure's eyes are glowing.

Apparition launched today on the Nintendo Switch for $9.00 USD/EUR. You can get it for 20% off (50% if you’re the owner of other No Gravity Games titles).

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