XIII Remake Limited Edition Styles up Your Weapons


Microid’s remake of their 2003 cult classic XIII is a couple of weeks away (for some platforms). That means, there it a limited window to pre-order it. If that is what you choose to do, it will give you access to golden weapon skins for the 9mm pistol and combat knife. However, if you get the XIII Remake Limited Edition, every weapon you pick up will have a gold skin, you King Midas, you. For a rundown on all the weapons and gadgets in the game, you can check out the weapons trailer that Microid released a couple of weeks ago.

XIII Remake Limited Edition

The Limited Edition of XIII Remake also comes with a steelbook case and three art cards. The steelbook case features XIII on the front and his companion Jones on the back. The Limited Edition is currently only available on Amazon. There is not really a ton of bonus content or memorabilia included, so the price tag on the Limited Edition is set at $59.99, only ten dollars up from the standard edition at $49.99. If you aren’t strapped for cash and you are a fan of the original game, you might want to get the golden weapons.

News from last week confirms that the Nintendo Switch version of XIII Remake has been delayed into 2021, but you can still buy or pre-order it for the Switch. XIII Remake will come out on November 10th for PC, Xbox One, PS4, and for Nintendo Switch at a later date.

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