Vital Signs: Emergency Department Needs You in the ER, Stat

Doctor, Doctor, What Should We Do?

Are you in the field of healthcare? Are you studying to be in the field of healthcare? Do you want to be in the field of healthcare? Do you like video games? If you said yes to at least of those questions, or if you want to know where we’re going with this, we’re about to make your day. Challenge your medical knowledge with Vital Signs: Emergency Department, a free game designed to help physicians practice their skills. Developed by BreakAway Games, Vital Signs will be Steam’s first premier medical trainer. That means that unlike other medical games, it gives you actual credits to further your career. Sink thirty minutes into this program and you’ll rapidly find yourself conducting tests, prescribing medication, and making diagnoses. But be careful and keep your wits about you – as the patients flood in, your decisions will decide how many of them survive to the end of your shift.

We’re already pretty psyched about a game designed specifically to keep healthcare professionals sharp. Add in the unbeatable price of free and you’ve got us hooked. BreakAway Games decided that wasn’t enough, so they paged their programming department and brought in something even better: nine DLC packs bursting with additional content. Injuries, respiratory disease, pediatrics, infections – name something a doctor might into in an ER and we can guarantee it’s here. Except if you name that one time someone got shot with an arrow and turned up to the ER with it still in there. Vital Signs probably doesn’t have anything like that. We think.

Vital Signs will be released on Steam on October 15th. If you just can’t get enough hospital action, BreakAway Games’ vHealthCare Portal has your back. Check out their wide array of medical simulators and learn how to diagnose and treat patients. Who knows? Maybe that knowledge will come in handy one day. Knowing is half the battle, after all.

Patient examination screen in Vital Signs

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