Second Extinction Drops Today on Steam Early Access

You Wait 65,000,000 For Dinosaur Games And Three Turn Up At Once

One of those games is Second Extinction, moving away from the stealth-based Deathground and the open world adventure of Goner, Second Extinction is instead a squad-based shooter, where you and your team have to work together on a variety of missions while being hunted by mutated – and hungry – dinosaurs.

While you might be able to win a battle with your squad of three, you’ll need to collaborate with players worldwide to win the war. Unlike the other two games, Second Extinction is also incorporating a global metagame, War Effort, which lets you track the progress made worldwide towards eradicating the prehistoric predators. War Effort will track the progress made worldwide towards eliminating the dinosaurs, and product owner Julianne Harty states that “The War Effort is an integral part of how we’ll introduce new dinosaurs, missions, and more as a live service experience, and it’s a feature we’re excited to fully flesh out throughout early access.”

Early access drops with four playable characters, six missions, seven regions, ten weapons, and five available upgrades for each weapon. As early access continues the game will drop more dinosaurs, weapons, and War Effort events, so it looks like developer Systemic Reaction are hitting the ground running in their effort to dominate the battle of the dinosaur games. The four playable characters each seem to have a special skill, with Rosie being a minigunner, Jurgen being a sniper, and Amir calling down aerial strikes with some form of laser. We don’t see the fourth character, Ortega’s special skill in the trailer, however.

The trailer also shows off some of the mutated dinosaurs you’ll come across during the war, from an acid-spitting raptor to a T-Rex with wind-based attacks. You thought dinosaurs were bad enough already? Have fun.

Early access is available on Steam for $24.99. Be sure to tell us what you think down in the comments.

Source: Press Release