New Resident Evil: Village Details Dropped in Famitsu

Who Said Anything About Villages Being Peaceful?

Resident Evil hit a bit of a slump for a few years, and it began to climb out of that slump with the sublime Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. Rather than a police officer, an ex-soldier, or a special agent, the game put you in the shoes of an ordinary man thrust into extraordinary circumstances. Even Claire, the only civilian playable in a previous numbered entry, received gun and hand-to-hand combat training from her brother. Ethan, however, was thrust into a nightmare and managed to survive.

Following the recent remakes of Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, the series is diving back into the series’ future and putting us back into Ethan’s shoes as he investigates a mysterious village after returning hero, Chris, seemingly kills his wife, Mia. Of course, Mia died like three times in Resident Evil 7, so who knows if it’ll stick? If nothing else, the trailer does show Chris shooting her in the head five times – not something he’d do if one bullet would do the trick.

Famitsu has released new details, including the big one: rather than tracking Chris down to the mysterious village, Chris takes Ethan there, where he awakens alone. Could he be betting on Ethan’s assistance? What can Ethan do that a trained special forces team can’t handle, and why would he expect Ethan to help him after shooting Mia? Chris has been one of the series’ most reliable heroes since the original game, so he has to have some motive both to kill Mia and bring Ethan along for the ride.

Also mentioned are some key details about the mysterious Werewolf-type foes shown in the trailer. While franchise veterans can guess that this will be another BOW as opposed to something supernatural, they seem to be guardians of the mysterious cult, and use weapons in addition to their pack mentality to hunt Ethan down.

Given that witchcraft seems to be a theme, albeit it’s likely to be biological (after all, 7 went that route before revealing a fungus was the cause of the horror, and some experts cite hallucinatory ergot – a fungus which grows on certain grasses – as a factor in the Salem Witch Trials) we could definitely see the game taking another spooky turn, albeit one that’s likely to have a grounded explanation – or, at least, as grounded as you can expect in a game where a man once punched a boulder weighing an estimated 150 tons┬áinto a volcano.

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