DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods Takes No Prisoners

Crush Your Enemies

DOOM Eternal is back and it is glorious. Part one of The Ancient Gods DLC has dropped, which means it’s time for more first person demon-killing action. This expansion follows the Doom Slayer into a world both beautiful and grotesque, where he must face threats both demonic and divine. We were hyped when this DLC campaign was announced and we’re still hyped now that it’s launched. Especially now that we’ve seen the new enemy designs. What’s your favourite of the foes featured in the launch trailer? Personally, I love those glow-in-the-dark jellyfish. They look squishy. I wanna squish ’em. That said, the inexplicable giant shark, the massive bobbit worm, and the neon-winged angels are also high on my list. And that soundtrack! Classic DOOM goodness all around.

The Doom Slayer looks awesome as always, and so does the world around him. Players will step into a constantly-changing world of glorious spires and claustrophobic hallways, far-future architecture and fantastical landscapes taken straight from The Lord of the Rings. It looks fun as hell to explore. Some locations even look like great, if surreal, vacation spots. Pity about the hordes of demons. That’s gotta sink the property value. And if they don’t, the collateral damage you cause sure will.

Bethesda’s clearly put a lot of work into this and regardless of what we feel about their other games (Fallout 76. We’re talking about Fallout 76.), we can certainly appreciate the craftsmanship that went into The Ancient Gods. Flattery may not get you anywhere, but gorgeous art design, a hard-hitting metal soundtrack, and surprisingly nice platforming for an FPS sure will. If you liked the base game–we know we did–think about giving this technicolor explosion extravaganza a shot. Literally. There are demons, shoot them.

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