Upcoming PS5 Stream Has Fans Frothing For FFXVI

‘Fans’ Who All Write For Dozens of Game News Sites

Let’s get this out of the way right now: there’s no news to be had here. Not a tangible detail to be had anywhere. Sony is holding a PS5 games showcase stream this Wednesday, and everyone is now dead certain that Square Enix will reveal Final Fantasy XVI.

Final Fantasy XIV Online Shadowbringers

A quick glance in Google’s crystal ball reveals a laundry list of gaming news websites (including this one now) all trumpeting the imminent arrival of Final Fantasy XVI. So far, this new batch of rumors is based on a Twitter account appearing last month and also nothing. Well, also some Very Reliable People being very sure that this is happening.

Don’t get me wrong, I would be exploding with joy and wonder at the announcement of another main series Final Fantasy game. Even though they’ve had a deeply troubled history for the last… fifteen years? Square Enix has a new habit of turning these projects into generational affairs cursed by some malevolent god. There’s no concrete evidence we’re getting any announcements this week, but everyone clearly wants this to happen. Square Enix, if you’re listening, it would be super cool of you to announce a new Final Fantasy game. The PS5 games showcase is happening this Wednesday at 4pm PST.