Two New Sites Appear For Mario’s 35th Anniversary

Classic Games, Classic Art

Mario has turned 35! Nintendo is doing a whole bunch of stuff to commemorate Mario’s 35th anniversary. There’s Super Mario 3D All-Stars, Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury, that weird Game and Watch thing, and the Mario Battle Royale game. We’re even getting a couple of new websites full of delicious artwork!

Mario 35th Anniversary

Nintendo has launched a pair of new websites commemorating Super Mario Bros and Super Mario Bros 2. They’re both in Japanese, but they also feature a lot of original artwork. Pieces not seen since the instruction booklet days, promo art from the original release, and… actually these might be digital versions of the instruction booklets. They look really good though.

For new fans of the franchise, these sites are a great way to visit a time when games came with manuals. There’s just something special about flipping through every page, soaking up all the info you can. Maybe there’s sage wisdom about the castle stages, you didn’t know. Maybe you missed something about those stupid water levels. You can check out both sites here and here. 3D All-Stars is coming out on September 18th, Mario 35 Battle Royale is here this October, and 3D World/Bowser’s Fury is heading for the Switch early next year.