New PS5 Features Uncovered in PS Store Source Code

Some Long Awaited Features Are On the Way

The PS5 may be out in less than two months, but we still don’t know everything about the new console. Sure, we know the specs, we know about some of the upcoming games, but we still don’t know as much as we did about the PS4 this close to its release, but some intrepid dataminers have uncovered some code on the web version on the PlayStation store that hint at some of what we can expect with the upcoming console.

First of all, we’ll finally be getting Wishlists – at least in the console version of the store – as a line of code reads “Your wishlist isn’t available on this website. You can find it on a PS5.”

WIshlists have been something that gamers have wanted for a long time – and a feature that’s already available on other consoles and gaming services like Steam.

Additionally, the maximum party size is increasing to a massive 100. While this is larger than any party-based game at the moment, it does mean that people can hang out while they game much like on Discord. You’ll also be able to share playlists with other players, whether you want to share your favorite songs and artists with your friends or even hold a virtual party – perfect not only for these times of social distancing, but to let us party with friends we’ve made around the world by playing. The system will also clearly mark which PS4 games are compatible with the PS5’s Boost Mode and which aren’t playable on the PS5 at all.


The most intriguing new addition is something called a Takedown – we don’t have information on what this entails yet, but we’ll let you know as soon as we have more information.

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