Doom Collector’s Helmet Bundle Goes on Sale This Week

Game Sold Separately

Since the dawn of Doom, gamers have fantasized about being a buff dude, in a helmet, in green armor, with an ab-window, shooting demons. Well, apart from cutting holes in all your shirts, you can get one step closer to that dream with the Doom Collector’s Helmet Bundle from Limited Run Games. There have been helmet collector’s items before that wind up disappointing fans by being unwearable or cheap plastic, but this helmet can actually fit on your head. Don’t expect to see anything in it though.

Doom Helmet Collector's Bundle

The thing about helmet replicas is that they will always be disproportionate to a regular human body. The same applies with this one. It is huge. It makes your head look twice the size. It’s like playing real life with Big Head Mode on. Size aside, it looks pretty cool and faithful to the original helmet, back when Doom Slayer was just Doomguy. It is covered dings and scratches; it looks like it’s been through a Doom or two. It also weighs 7.5 lbs, so start working out your neck muscles. The visor also appears to be a solid, opaque material, so you’ll look equally cool and ridiculous, but you won’t be able to tell.

This item comes in a bundle, so there are a couple of other things with it. You will also get a classic Doom cover art piece (12″ x 17″) and a Doom Floppy Disc Pin. I don’t know why they call it that when it is clearly a save button! This bundle goes on sale on September 25th and will cost $139.99. No game is included, which is a little surprising for collector’s bundles, but at the same time, it’s Doom. Any fan probably has multiple copies of any given Doom title.

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