Disjunction Drops a New Trailer and Reveals a New Player Character

Get Ready to Enter Spider’s Web

The thing that gets missed a lot about cyberpunk as a genre is than for all the futuristic trappings, there’s still a lot of retro influences. Maybe it’s the element of body horror. Maybe there’s just something more visceral about a genre where people upgrade themselves having them using wires to jack into the technology they use rather than just using wi-fi.

Disjunction is taking that literally, taking a retro approach to gameplay similar to the early Metal Gear games. The stealth-action RPG sees three characters who’s stories interconnect as they work to uncover some dangerous truths that could change the fate of New York forever.

Disjointed offers multiple ways to tackle the challenges that await, whether you choose to engage your enemies head on, sneak up to them and take them by surprise, or sneak past them to avoid combat entirely. The game also features a reactive storyline, branching out to reflect your actions throughout the game, taking into account whether you’ve destroyed enemy factions or convinced them to work with you.

The newly revealed character, Spider, is a former grey hat (the chaotic good of the hacking world- someone who isn’t afraid to fight dirty but doesn’t have malicious intent, unlike black hats) who sticks to the shadows, only to have her cousin murdered by a brutal crime syndicate, The Harmonious Path. Soon after she’s contacted by her estranged father who asks her to help restore balance to New York’s Chinatown.

At the moment we don’t know how her story will intersect with the other playable characters, or what specific skills and attributes she brings to the table, but there’s going to be a lot to enjoy for fans of the genre.

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Source: Press Release