Amnesia: Rebirth Drops a New Trailer

Prepare for an Ironically Unforgettable Experience

When you look at the way survival horror has evolved over the past few years, it’s hard not to think about Amnesia’s effect on the genre. With a heavy focus on stealth and evasion as opposed to fighting off your enemies, it was a precursor to big name games like Outlast, Soma, and Alien: Isolation, all of which borrow the core ideas of evading enemies and some (if not all) invincible enemies which can’t be defeated, only avoided.

Thus far, every new main game in the Amnesia has taken place in a new setting, and explored a new faction of the horror genre. The original, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, focused on gothic horror, while the sequel, A Machine for Pigs, had a steampunk setting. Rebirth follows a woman who escapes a plane crash in the desert and has to explore the desert, and the mysterious ruins it hides.

We can expect some of the series’ mainstays, like the mysterious orbs which have appeared (or been referenced) in both games so far, each time discovered in an ancient tomb from around the world, with the first being found in Algeria and the second in Mexico. At the very least we have an (extremely rough) timeframe given the planecrash. The first flight was in 1903, but flying didn’t become widespread for decades after that. At the very least it’s a fair assumption that the game takes place in the 20th century, making it the most modern game in the series, but the fact that lighting mostly consists of lanterns and matches instead of flashlights hint at a setting in the earlier half of the century.

We can also expect that the heroine has some dark secret which she’s conveniently forgotten about and is more intimately connected to the events of the game than she expired. An archeologist who awoke an ancient evil? A cultist who caused the crash to bring in some fresh sacrifices? We’ll find out on October 20th.

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