New Trailer Highlights Cyberpunk 2077 Lifepath Choices

Make Good Choices!

The great thing about video games as a medium is that the player is in control. Every action taken is dictated by the player. Games have started to really give players control over who they are and what they do with open world games where choices really matter to what happens. Main characters may end up in a different place depending on who plays them, but they usually start as the same person; just a prisoner on the back of a cart, caught after trying to cross the border or something. CD Projekt Red is giving players more options about who their character is by letting them play with their background a little bit through Cyberpunk 2077 Lifepath Choices.

Cyberpunk 2077 Lifepath Choices

This trailer shows us the three backgrounds that Cyberpunk 2077’s protagonist V can come from. While they are distinct from each other, all players will be choosing from them, so you can’t choose specific, minute details like what their first pet’s name was or how many siblings they have. Players can choose from the Nomad, Street Kid, or Corpo backgrounds. As a Nomad, the player’s journey will begin outside of Night City and they will arrive as a complete outsider. As a Street Kid, V will be a street-savvy punk, constantly at odds with law enforcement. Starting as a Corpo will see V as a upper class citizen working at a corrupt business, who appears to set up V as a fall guy.

It is unclear as to how exactly these different Lifepaths will affect the players’ experience, but we will just have to wait a few months to find out. Cyberpunk 2077 will be out on November 19th for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with versions for PS5, Xbox Series X, and Stadia at a later date.

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