Niantic Announces Details on Pokemon Go’s Ultra Unlock Events

Gotta Catch ‘Em All

Pokemon Go has survived where other similar games have failed for good reason. Unlike Harry Potter, it makes sense in the context of the series it’s emulating to travel around, capturing monsters. Harry Potter would have been very different if he just grabbed Griphook and kept him in his pocket for seven books.

Pokemon Go

As part of the Ultra Unlock event, three separate Ultra Unlock events were… well, ultra unlocked. Starting from 1 PM PDT on July 31st until 1 PM PDT on August 7th is Dragon Week, meaning dragon types will appear more frequently and hatch from eggs. From 1 PM PDT on August 7th until 1 PM PDT on August 14th is Enigma Week, and some of the more mysterious pokemon (mostly those with a connection to space) will appear more frequently. The last week, from August 14th PDT until the 21st PDT, is Unova Week and will introduce some of the America-based region into the mix.

Sadly, while the pokemon Bouffaulant is one of those making their Pokemon Go debut in Unova Week, the buffalo pokemon will only be found in and around New York City, so if you’re not in the area you’ll need to rely on trades to add the normal-type to your tam.

Additionally, Scraggy is appearing as part of the Research Breakthrough encounter, which kicks off at 1 PM PDT on August 1st, and every Tuesday from 6 PM Local Time is a Pokemon Spotlight Hour, with a different pokemon being spotlighted.

Of course, if you’re going to go out pokemon hunting, remember that we are living in unprecedented times. To avoid unnecessary trips to the Pokemon Centre make sure to maintain social distance, wear a mask, and wash your hands frequently, and of course, make sure to abide by the rules as set out by your local government. Safety first, guys!

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