Microsoft Reveals the Xbox Velocity Architecture Trailer Ahead of Xbox Showcase

Xbox Velocity Architecture Is 40x Faster Than The Xbox One

Over the past few weeks, the Xbox team has been rather quiet. Besides announcing their upcoming Xbox Showcase, which will be held on July 23rd, the company has allowed others in the industry, such as Sony, Ubisoft, and Electronic Arts to show their upcoming games and tech for the foreseeable future. While many people assumed the Xbox Showcase would be the next place fans would hear information on the upcoming Xbox Series X, today, the company has released a trailer on its youtube account titled Xbox Velocity Architecture Trailer.

While the trailer does not give any concrete information on the specs of the console, it outlines what owners should expect performance-wise from the new console. After a quick showing of a few games, the trailer reveals the name and logo of Xbox Velocity, . Following, the company outlines many advantages of the new hardware that fans should expect. In this montage of information, Xbox claims the new consoles is “a revolutionary breakthrough in speed and performance beyond just hardware”. The company goes on to claim that it has a “storage throughput 40x faster than the Xbox One”, “next-gen direct storage API”, “ultra-low latency”, “dedicated hardware-accelerated decompression”, “maximizes throughput and CPU performance”, “new sampler feedback streaming”, “on-demand texture detail”, and “2.5x multiplier of the SSD performance”.

Since the announcement of the Xbox Series X, fans have been excited about its release. From the information released by Sony and Xbox, the Xbox Series X looks to be ahead in performance.  While some crucial information about the console, specifically the price, has still not been reviewed, hopefully, the Xbox Showcase will fill in the last remaining details about the upcoming console.