Hello Neighbor 2 Greets Us with an Odd Antagonist

Bird Is the Word

Everyone hasĀ that neighbor. That weird, secluded, “no children allowed” sign, hides crowbars around their house kind of neighbors. And if you don’t have one of those neighbors, you are that neighbor. Dynamic Pixels and tinyBuild’s Hello Neighbor came out in 2017, with a few spin-off games that expanded the world like Hello Neighbor: Hide & Seek and Secret Neighbor. Now we are getting a full fledged sequel in Hello Neighbor 2. A trailer was released for the Xbox Games Showcase earlier this week. The gameplay appears to have the same style, but with a few new elements to keep us out.

Hello Neighbor 2

The trailer, if the footage is truly and entirely gameplay, looks very polished. It still has that same cartoon-y look of the previous games, but with a little more oomph in the animation. The trailer shows off an attempt in breaking into the neighbor’s house, the neighbor who appears to be a terrifying bird-person. We see new ways of distracting and monitoring the neighbor, such as chucking a kettle on the stove and setting up a camera, both of which the neighbor can find, remove, and discard. There are also ways to defend yourself when the neighbor is in hot pursuit of you. You can throw a lamp at his feet, causing him to trip and fall, as well as lock certain doors and gates behind you. Beware though, the neighbor will hunt you by any means necessary.

The trailer ends with the neighbor discarding the bird mask revealing himself to be *gasp* Neighbor! It was him all along! No release date is set for this game, but Hello Neighbor 2 will be coming out on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. The alpha is playable now.

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