Dying Light Hellraid DLC Delayed Following Beta Test

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Earlier this Summer, Techland revealed the next DLC for Dying Light, which will apparently never die/its light will never go out (I could not decide between the two puns). The Hellraid DLC had a beta test last month and was meant to launch this month, but Techland had decided against the original release date. They are not one to rush things after all. Hellraid is a change in MO for Dying Light. Normally a zombie game, Dying Light will see players taking on legions of a different kind of undead in Hellraid; skeletons.

Dying Light DLC Hellraid

Between June 26th and 29th, players could play the beta of Hellraid. Yesterday, Techland announced that Hellraid would be delayed until August. They said that they got a lot of great feedback from the beta and that they are working to implement the necessary changes. Don’t say that Techland does not listen. This reception to fan-feedback is certainly refreshing, but does this mean the beta was very successful or an utter failure? If so much needs to be changed that it will be delayed a month, isn’t that kind of bad? But again, if they are listening to their fans, then taking more time should be a good thing. They’ve kept Dying Light alive all this time somehow.

For those of you who are still playing and enjoying Dying Light, more power to you. Hellraid’s new release date is August 13th for PC and 14th for consoles. Dying Light is available for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

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