Tower of Time Comes to Consoles This Week

A Tactical, Isometric Indie Dungeon Crawler

Tower of Time, an action-RPG debut by indie game studio Event Horizon, will be getting releases this week for current-gen consoles. The game is scheduled to come to PS4 on June 23 (June 24 for EU players), to Nintendo Switch on June 25, and to Xbox One on June 26.

Tower of Time

Pre-orders for Switch and Xbox-One are available now, through the Nintendo eShop and the Xbox Store, respectively. A 20% launch discount will be applied to all pre-orders.

If you’re still deciding, have a look at gameplay in the trailer below:

Tower of Time was originally released for PC in July 2017, to highly positive reviews. Described as a “tactical fantasy dungeon crawl” by Rock Paper Shotgun, the game takes players on a 50+ hour isometric adventure featuring 7 distinct character classes, a deep magic system, and real-time tactical combat.

The player will be ascending the Tower as the leader to a party of heroes, battling through 50 unique bosses and various enemies along the way. Five difficulty levels will be available for players to choose from, as well as multiple gameplay modifiers.

Tower of Time

Battles feature a special Arrow-Time mechanic, which allows players to pause or slow down time during combat and plan out their attack more strategically. Outside of combat, crafting, enchanting, and even alignment systems will be included as part of the RPG experience.

Source: Press release