The Steam Game Festival – Summer Edition Kicks Off Today

Can I Interest You in Some Demos? 

Today marks the first day of the Steam Game Festival – Summer Edition. This event is quite unique when compared to what Steam usually does around this time of the year. The game festival is meant to serve as an avenue for regular people to get their hands on betas and demos for games that they would usually not have the chance to play. This event is going to be a week-long and offer a ton of titles to try out for absolutely free.

Steam game festival

There is no official confirmation of what games are going to be rolled out in the future. However, Steam users can sink their teeth into Windjammers 2, and Fights in Tight Spaces. A couple of the standouts that are currently available. Keep in mind that the list of demos is going to expand as the week progresses.

Steam has recently been seeing some very stiff competition from its biggest rival, the Epic Games Store. While they have not matched the ludicrous deals that Epic Games has been rolling out the past few months, it would appear that this is some sort of a response. The annual Steam Summer Sale is still yet to take place. This is unquestionably one of the most anticipated events for every PC gamer. Even if you have never downloaded Steam in your life, chances are you have heard of it.

The Steam Game Festival is set to conclude on June 22nd. This should give players plenty of time to try out each and every title that catches their eye. Regardless of whether or not the games included in this promotion are triple-a or indie, it still serves as a great opportunity to play something free of charge. Taking into consideration how expensive gaming has become as a hobby, this event should definitely not be squandered.