Square Enix Cafe Opening up in Beijing

I’d Like a Tall Glass of Cloud

Final Fantasy is one of those franchises that can be linked to every kind of product out there. Toys, video games, clothing, and now even food and drink. Tomorrow, Square Enix will be opening up a Square Enix Cafe in Beijing, China. It will be selling all sorts of Final Fantasy VII products including 9 themed drinks. So far, only three of the drinks have been revealed, but they look pretty good and in line with their inspirations. These drinks are based off of our favourite heroes Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith.

Square Enix Cafe

Cloud’s drink is served in a tall glass with tapioca pearls at the bottom, with a citrus drink or juice filling the glass, and topped with whipped cream, a lemon slice, and a tiny Buster Sword. The drink matches his SOLDIER uniform/yellow spiky hair colour scheme. Tifa’s drink is smaller with a wider glass, making it more… top heavy. The bottom is a layer of, what appears to be a jelly of some sort, followed by a cream or cream-based drink with ice. It is also topped with whipped cream as well as chocolate syrup. Aerith’s drink appears to be much simpler. It is a fruit juice based drink with ice, topped with decorative flower petals in line with her flower motifs.

There will be at least six more drinks based on the game, but it is unclear if they will also be inspired by characters. If they are, will they be the party members from the original game or AVALANCHE and Shinra characters from the Remake? I’d like to see a Red XIII drink served in a dog bowl or a Wedge drink that’s just a pizza that’s been through a blender. Unfortunately, it is super unlikely for a Square Enix Cafe to come to North America. It is even unlikely to be successful enough outside of Japan to stay open for very long. Whomp whomp. Final Fantasy VII Remake is available now exclusively on PS4.

Which drink would you like to try? Let us know in the comments below.


Source: Twitter